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Duckweed has a much higher energy release per dry weight basis than other forms of biomass such as corn or algae, and burns comparable to coal in BTU generation. Harvested daily, the biomass is processed to remove and recycle 85-90% of the water. It is dried to an appropriate moisture content and conveyed with conventional materials-handling equipment into a boiler system which delivers steam to steam turbine generators, creating 2.9 MW - 250MW of electricity that will be sold to the market or direct consumer.  

The waste heat and resulting carbon dioxide will be recycled back into the growth chamber. Because Duckweed utilizes CO2 uptake for its own growth and releases oxygen, a net zero carbon emission can be created, thus completing the closed-loop cycle. 



 Energy Needs Awareness

Based on the predicted scale of energy demand & population growth, the need for electricity alone is expected to increase by 94% by 2035. This level of demand will greatly exceed normal capacity for supply expansion. The need for clean, green energy sources to sufficiently reduce CO2 emissions is paramount in stabilizing climate change & our planet's eco-system. The International Energy Agency in Paris and US Department of Energy have estimated that, even with the current renewable guidelines, over the next 20 years the level of CO2 emissions will be twice (40 billion tons of CO2 a year) what is deemed necessary to start stabilizing the climate (20 billion tons of CO2 a year). The challenge is therefore two-fold; to generate enough power to meet such a growing demand, and to create significantly more efficient clean, renewable energy sources.

This technology is transformational in that we will be able to continuously grow an ongoing  fuel source for electricity  generation in a comparably small nameplate space. The facility will be used as the basis for which others will be constructed of varying sizes and capabilities throughout the country and around the world. 



Project Overview

BioMass Alternative Power, LLC (“BMAP”) is in the construct phase for a 19.9 Megawatt (MW) Biomass Production and Renewable Energy Generation facility that will produce electricity, with expected net-zero carbon emissions. 

Duckweed is a sustainable and renewable source of energy which has been diligently studie as a promising new player in the alternative fuels market on a commercial scale. 

Unlike wind and solar, the Duckweed facility will produce power 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. An equivalent 19.9 Megawatt solar energy system would generate approximately 25 million KWh per year. The proposed 19.9 Megawatt Duckweed facility will generate over 174 million KWh per year of high quality electricity.  The Duckweed facility will outperform a solar facility in electric generation by over 85%,

Another significant benefit of Duckweed biomass versus other renewable energy types is that the electricity produced is conditioned, computer-grade renewable power that is in high demand by every utility company. Computer-grade power is essential in voice and data networks.

Traditional power plants require the purchase of a continuous feedstock supply of outward sources (ie coal, natural gas, wood etc.). The feedstock for our Duckweed power plants are self perpetuating, with overall operating expenses significantly lower. 

The facility design incorporates redundancy in the equipment to allow for continuous operation.  BMAP will also purchase Business Interruption Insurance Coverage for loss of income in the event of a natural disaster or mechanical breakdown for our direct use consumers.  


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